Custom Family Trip Planning


Each family is different, and each trip is different.

 We’ll work with you to help you plan an authentic, shared family adventure. The services that we offer include:

  • Hotel or flat Selection
    • Need help finding a perfect flat or family-friendly hotel?  We’ll find you a fantastic place to stay based on the number of people in your group and your preferences.
    • We know London - so we’ll make sure that you’re staying in a great part of town - with lots of walkable places to eat and things to see, as well as great access to public transportation.
  • Custom itinerary building
    • With so many things to do in London, how will you decide what’s best for your family?
    • We help you plan authentic, shared experiences for your whole family -  activities that are genuinely interesting to each person on the trip that you can do together.
    • Do you like history? Guided tours? Theatre? Music? We can recommend some great options that you and your kids will love!
  • Day trip planning
    • There are some fantastic things to see just outside of London - Windsor, Oxford, Cambridge, the Cotswolds, Bath - even the Harry Potter Studios.  We’ll help you pick the day trips that will be the most fun for your family.
    • How do you get there?  Rent a car (they drive on the left side, remember!) or take the train? Did you know that you can save 30% or more on train tickets with a Friends & Family Railcard?  Most people don’t.  We’ll help you get the best fares.
  • Restaurants
    • The food in London is truly world-class!
    • You can read our Guide to Eating out in London with Kids - but it really only scratches the surface of the many wonderful culinary options.  We’ll help you plan meals that you’ll remember!
  • Trip prep for the kids
    • Recommended age-appropriate books and movies.  We can even order them to be sent to your house!  Before you know it, you’ll be learning about London from your kids, while they eagerly count down the days until your trip.
  • Transportation
    • What’s the best way to get to and from the airport?  Depends where you’re staying.  We’ll get you set up right to start your trip smoothly.
    • We’ll provide tips on taking the Tube, and getting oyster cards and/or travelcards.
    • Uber and sometimes black cabs can also be good options - we’ll help make sure that you know when and how to use these.
  • Communication and technology
    • Use the apps that locals use for finding the best transportation routes, entertainment, ordering take out and more!  We’ll even highlight some London-based games for kids that will help them get the most out of their experience!
    • What’s your plan for voice and data service while you’re in the UK?  Using your existing plan abroad is the easiest, but it might be super-expensive.  Getting a local SIM card is the cheapest - but it’s a bit more difficult.  We will help you find the setup that’s best for you and your kids.

So many choices!  Let us help you plan the perfect trip for your family.  Questions? Email