What’s the big idea?

This site is a resource for parents who want to have a fantastic trip with their kids, without making their family trips all about "kid stuff". We spent two years living in London, and while we were there we had the opportunity to travel to many places throughout Europe. We learned quickly that what makes a city fascinating for adults (culture, music, art, wine, history, food, etc.), isn't inherently interesting to kids. So how can you make London more interesting to kids, so that parents and kids can each enjoy your trip on your own level - together?

One way is to expose them to books and movies that are set in London, before your trip. This can make the experience far more engaging and relevant for them - as they look forward to seeing places that they recognize. Valuing the everyday experiences of a different culture, and choosing activities that go beyond the usual tourist sites will enable you to share an authentic experience with your kids that both kids and parents will always remember. Learn more here

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